Below is the logo of a mysterious invite-only elite status - Global Services from United.  I'm very excited to be a Global Services member yet again, I received my kit back in January.  This means I'll be flying around the world for another year!

It's not easy to get the status of Global Services. I will not disclose exactly how much I spent with United Airlines last year, but I will include a link to USA Today's article on it.  USA Today claims that it takes $50,000 in one year.

If you ask a lot of Global Services members what they think of the program, they sometimes say "It means I fly a lot, maybe too much!"  For me, it means that I'm part of the United family. (The United team really is family for me.) There are some sweet perks, like getting a ride between terminals when the schedule is tight - it's always a great surprise to see someone waiting on the jetbridge with your name on an iPad.

My favorite part of being a Global Services member is blending in. Flying a lot means that you have to be comfortable and for me that's often jeans and a t-shirt. Remember, that "average Joe" or "average Jane" in the terminal may be one of United's top fliers!

Getting a Ride Between Gates

Keep flying!