The Hobbiton movie set is a mandatory tourist attraction on the North Island of New Zealand, even for those who haven't seen the movies.

Don't tell anyone, but... I haven't seen all of the Lord of the Rings movies.  I have only seen the first one, I haven't had the time because I'm flying all the time.  (Seriously, if one of the major airlines puts it on their IFE, I'll watch it in-flight sometime.)

The drive is long, but beautiful. There are plenty of tours with various companies that start from Auckland. I recommend using TripAdvisor or a similar travel site to find a tour or combo tour. If you're with a tour company, your guide will likely tell you about the story of Peter Jackson showing up in a helicopter to find a plot of land and negotiate with the farmer who owned it.

The rolling hills and landscape are naturally beautiful. You don't need an Instagram filter or Photoshop - the colors of the land really pop.

Hobbit holes come in all shapes and sizes. Apparently much of the set had little or no screen-time in the movie, but it was still crafted by skilled artists. It's an interesting behind-the-scenes look.  Though, I'm sure much of what is in Hobbiton is specially maintained for the tour.

It was surprisingly difficult to get photos with few people in the shot - it's a very busy attraction.

The tour ends with a stop at the Green Dragon Inn for some cider.  I don't have any good photos from the Green Dragon... the cider wasn't that strong, I swear 😅

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